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What level of support do you need at this time?

Our team offers comprehensive consultation support and direct service. Each level of support is individually tailored to your needs so that you can access as little or as much support as you need. All levels of service are designed to educate and empower you. With deep experience in the South Bay, Peninsula, and beyond – we offer support across the Bay Area.


Consultation Support

Consultation involves video-conferencing, and phone support.

  • Preparing for an upcoming meeting (IEP, 504, SST)
  • Reviewing of child’s IEP or 504 plan before you sign in agreement
  • Understanding the various support options available

Direct Services

This comprehensive level of support includes:

  • Attendance at IEP, 504, SST, and team meetings
  • Observations of your child or potential classroom placements
  • Development of measurable IEP goals that reflect all of your child’s areas of need
  • Development of supportive and meaningful behavior intervention plans
  • Development of IEP monitoring systems to ensure implementation and accountability

Once initial concerns have been addressed, our team offers support as your child moves through the years. Some families decide that they would like us to attend every IEP or 504 meeting for emotional support or document accuracy. Other families reach back out in a crisis or when their child is transitioning to middle school, high school, or into an adult transition program. Some parents just call with a quick question and the need for a calming conversation.

Whatever your level of need, we are available to support you.

Book a completely FREE 30 minute call to determine if Mosiac Minds Consulting is the right fit for your educational services or family's and to answer any other questions you may have.

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