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Heather Johanson advocates for the needs of her clients with a strong and collaborative approach. We have appreciated the time she takes to share necessary information that a school team can use to help support the student. She is mindful of teamwork as the best way to help a student gain access to their education and to build independence.

Director of Special Education

I have been working with Heather in collaboration for the past few years. I saw her in action, supporting students and families. Heather is highly knowledgeable. She is professional, kind, and cares deeply about the families she works with. When I refer families over, I know they are in trustful hands. I highly recommend her advocacy services for your child.

Maayan Glaser-Koren

Educational Therapy LLC

Heather has helped us navigate the IEP process for both of our children from the initial consultation when we didn’t know anything to all of the IEP meetings and beyond. She reviews the IEP documents with us to ensure everything covered in the meeting is reflected. It’s been an incredible help as this process is so tedious. I can tell that she deeply cares about the kiddos and advocates for them, so they end up in the right place with the right support She has a positive attitude and answers all questions with a lot of patience. She brings a lot of experience in navigating the system and I can trust that she will try everything to move to a positive outcome.

Mom of Two Clients

Heather has been a part of our IEP team since my child was in Kindergarten. She is an active participant and offers guidance and recommendations on the necessary supports my child needs in the present and in the future. We’re lucky to have her as a part of our IEP team and whole-hardheartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an advocate who is collaborative and solutions-oriented.

Parent of Client

Supporting my three kids (two with autism and social-emotional needs), Heather has been through the journey with us from very simple IEP edits to the most restrictive of placements. She is skilled at getting an entire school team of specialists lined up to support a child. She has worked hard to present some creative-solutions for my kids that just don’t fit into the public school system box. Since she herself has worked in the trenches of education, she can relate to what the teachers, RSP and district offices are limited by. It seems to me this helps diffuse defensiveness on all sides and keeps things realistic.

Probably the most valuable parts of having an advocate like Heather is your child’s needs are spoken for clearly without you, the parent, having to lose your sanity working to help your kids. It is well worth the cost for both you and your child.

Mom of M, R and T

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